Organic Solutions for life.

A Family Owned Business

In 2014, Necessites101 was founded with one idea in mind – an organic-based soap that not only cleanses but heals. Everyone is different, which is why each of our products are tailored to specific needs. With each made to help those with skin both rough and sensitive, our soaps help with everything in between. At Necessites101, we are very proud of our products – even more so in how they are made.

Mass-produced store-bought soaps offer a short term solution for cleansing. By utilizing harsh chemicals, your skin is often times left dry and irritated. Thus we favor a gentler approach by eliminating those harsh chemicals. We guarantee only the finest ingredients are used to reduce any irritations. Each one is meticulously selected in order to promote better health and well-being.

You will find our soaps carry a creamier content, which not only cleanses but moisturizes and exfoliates as well. The added creams and essential oils continue taking effect even after hours after use. This results in cleaner, healthier and happier skin.

Let your skin decide. If you’re soap is not cutting it, try organic.

Your skin will thank you for years to come!